Programa de Pós-Graduação em Nutrição


Postgraduate Program in Nutrition

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 Nutrition is a science that integrates several areas of knowledge, especially those related to health sciences, but also to the humanities and exact sciences. For this reason, the Graduate Program in Nutrition aims to reinforce the multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary character of the area.

The Program's supervisors, from the São Paulo and Baixada Santista campuses at the Unifesp, are assigned to different departments of the University: Medicine; Pediatrics; Physiology; Human Movement Sciences; Preventive Medicine and Biosciences; Public Policies and Collective Health and Health, Clinic and Institutions.

The interdepartmental nature of the program contributes to its interdisciplinary character, enriches scientific interactions and encourages the integration of students.


Research Lines

Biochemistry and Physiology of Nutrition

It covers “in vivo” studies on the biochemical and physiological repercussions of different diets as well as other conditions that affect aspects relevant to nutrition, such as menopause, obesity, cancer and metabolic programming. In addition, this research line often uses “in vitro” models to elucidate complex molecular mechanisms of interest. The techniques employed include western blotting, metabolomics, proteomics, lipidomics and PCR.

This research line includes projects coordinated by Lila Oyama, Luciana Pisani, Eliane Beraldi, Mauro Morais and Luciana Pisani.

Food Science and Health

It focuses on the study of food in its various aspects, such as physical-chemical, microbiological, sensory and technological, with an emphasising the repercussions on the individual’s health.

Coordinated by Veridiana Rosso.

Nutritional Epidemiology, Public Policy, Food Security

It focuses on the nutritional aspects of relevance to public health in the current context and assesses the impact of government intervention programs and actions. It covers studies related to the assessment of the food environment and the development and assessment of interventions in these environments; knowledge, attitudes, practices and training of food handlers; culture of food safety in collective feeding, particularly school meals and food defense in the context of national security, with an emphasis on public health.

Coordinated by Elke Stedefeldt and Paula Martins.

Nutrition in Clinical Specialties

It covers nutrition studies in gastroenterology, nephrology, oncology, cardiology and other specialties, aiming to evaluate the effect of diet or specific nutrients on the genesis and treatment of pathologies, including actions by multiprofessional teams.

This research line includes projects coordinated by Mauro Morais, Ita Pfeferman, Lilian Cuppari and Fernanda Ceragioli.

Health and nutrition in specific population groups

It focuses on the studies of clinical, dietary, anthropometric, biochemical, socio-economic and epidemiological indicators of specific population groups such as children, adolescents, pregnant women, lactating and elderly people.

This research line includes projects coordinated by Ana Dâmaso, Maysa Cendoroglo, Arlete Escrivão and Fernanda Ceragioli.


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Programa de Pós-graducação em Nutrição

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